Dr. Kriston A. Segura - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Rates, Fees & Payment Options

Cash or check (for established patients only) are accepted forms of payment. 

For your convenience, credit and bank cards are accepted through a secure pay pal account.  Go to the "Payment Options" page on this website and select the appropriate service/amount.


$525 for comprehensive bariatric evaluation
(unless "special referral" then $225) 
(Includes intake session, testing, $40 testing/materials fee, write-up of report)

$300 per 60-minute minute initial intake session 

$175 per 50-minute individual follow-up session 

$50  per support group session (without insurance)
Note:  Some insurances will cover groups with a copayment (please check your benefits to determine the exact amount usually $20 or $30) NOTE--ALL SUPPORT GROUPS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan, even if I'm not directly contracted with them.  Please contact my office biller for further assistance or any questions regarding insurance:

Mona at Associated Billing
732-251-4800 (phone)
732-251-8850  (fax)

Current Plans Accepted:

  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicaid 
  • Teacher's Health Trust
  • HBI
  • Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield   (Note:  You must get prior-authorization from your insurance company and submit the form to my biller prior to making an appointment.)
  • Beech Street 
  • Aetna

NOTE:  Any co-pays or fees are due at time of service.  Late payments, insufficient payment, or no-show/late cancellations may be subject to additional fees ($50 per session).